Some Are Just Different

Some Are Just Different

You don’t need to be dressed in the best clothes, or have the best accessories to be drippy. It's deeper than that. But don’t get me wrong, a lot of people can be dripping some days, and not others, all depending on how they present themselves. So your apparel does mean a lot when it comes to drip. But there are a select few, the chosen ones, who just got it. It doesn’t matter what they got on, doesn’t matter what time it is, or what day it is, they're just always drippy.  

These select few are just built different, they’ve found their drip. Everything flows perfectly with them, the way the walk, the way the talk. They have a different level of confidence, and they carry that confidence into every aspect of their lives. They aren’t afraid to be who they are, and don’t hesitate, they just do. 


#1 Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr.

If you know, you know. When you hear the name Kelly Oubre Jr., or Tsunami Papi the first thing that comes to mind is drip. His skills on the court have been steadily increasing, allowing him to become more of a contributor each season. Even though he isn't looked at as the star player on his past teams, that doesn't mean he isn’t in the spotlight. His drip on and off the court is almost unparalleled, having the status and attitude of a self proclaimed “rock star”, he shines bright amongst all the stars. And this status is something that big brands such as Converse see as well, signing the 22 year old to a multi-year footwear and apparel deal. Converse is trying to make a comeback in the basketball shoe game, and it’s no surprise that they have chosen Tsunami Papi to be the leader of their new wave. After all you better have drip if that’s the case.

#2 Nick “Swaggy P” Young

NIck Young Swaagy P

First of all, you can’t have the nickname “Swaggy P” and not have drip, especially if the name was given to you by God. Swaggy’s someone who carries himself with the kind of confidence that says "I don’t care what other people think of me, I’m just going to do me, and have fun with it". He’s got a smile and laugh that brightens up the room, and makes you feel like todays going to be a good day. Swaggy’s got an ability where no matter what he wears, it’s well… swaggy. And he turned that ability into a business, starting his own signature clothing line. His championship celebration parade energy is almost unmatched, being a crowd favorite without a doubt in the 2018 Warriors parade. Rocking the no-shirt look, and his own brand of “championship” shorts as if the world was his, and with that kind of drip, you can't blame him.

#3 D’Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell

D-Lo’s had swag since day one, but one night in particular changed that swag into everlasting drip. The night was March 1st, 2016 when the rookie blew up for a then career high of 39pts, hitting big shot after big shot, ultimately hitting a deep three with 30 seconds left, clinching the lead over the Brooklyn Nets. He reacted with a signature celebration that will go down in history, pointing to his wrist telling the world “I got ice in my veins”. It became clear at that moment that D-Lo had found his drip. From then on it only grew louder, and he took his game to the next level for the seasons that followed, surpassing his 39pt career high by scoring 40, 44, and 52pts twice. This confidence level showed off the court as much as it did on the court, placing him on the cover of Slam Magazine twice in the same year. One for his on court performances, and the other showcasing his style off the court.


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